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14 Funny Travel Memes That Will Bring a Smile To Your Face

Sometimes we indulge in downright comical things before, during and after our travels. Like making over achievable travel goals, only to end up in bed with a drink the whole evening or stooping to absolutely any level to bring perfect Travel pictures home. You have been there. I have been there. We all have been there. I have come up with 14 Funny Travel Memes that exactly describe what you, I and everyone goes through and relates to when we’re travelling.

Oh yes, I was on my way to explore the restaurants in Paris but it was so windy that I accidentally got blown into McDonald's instead. :(

Sure throw a dart on the map and travel to wherever it lands. But know that some darts have a magical power; that of landing you in trouble. ?

I mean, we are keeping it casual, aren't we? ;)

We all have that one friend who lives abroad for 10 days and comes back with an accent stronger than the natives. Who you fooling, bruhhh? ?

Oh, okay. Go on. I will make the sacrifice of fitting my giant body and long legs in this teeny tiny space while you shower yourself in the ridiculous wine of First Class. ?

Yeah, even before stripping all our clothes off and tossing them on the floor. All I can say is You & I are Legends with a capital L. ?

They keep saying "YOLO - You Only Live Once". So let me, for once in this lifetime, help the Leaning Tower Of Pisa lean a little bit more. ?

Say What? I have only been napping here for 5 minutes and it's 100 kilometers already? ?

I may lay here with my glass of wine, watching you all swim in your bullshit. ?

500? I can't remember a single time I had memory left on my card to document anything beyond the airport. ?

I am smiling on the outside, but I am dead on the inside. Anything to go viral on Instagram. ?

Never, for sure. I don't want to disappear in the vast nothingness of the sea, I don't want to get arrested, don't want to get involved in an International scandal, don't want to hop on a train that jumps off its rails and definitely don't want to get on a flight that ends up going down. ?

There's always that one baby on every single flight that won't let you sleep, read or talk the whole trip but magically falls asleep exactly before landing. ?

What's wrong with you all? I could be in jail for substance addiction, but I am here trying to book my next flight to Croatia. ?

I am sure you all have been in similar situations. Tell us which meme is exactly You! I am definitely ALL!

Until Next Time :)

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