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Here's Why Everyone Loves To Celebrate Christmas In Prague and You Should Too

Christmas is one festival which makes us happy no matter our nationality or religion. But Christmas is best experienced in Eastern European countries which are all decked up for the festival from the start of December itself. The best place in Eastern Europe where you have to be when it’s Christmas, is Prague. This capital city of the Czech Republic has the warmest celebrations of Christmas on those chilly winter days.

Here’s all the reasons why you should celebrate Christmas in Prague this year.

St Nicholas Eve, Mikulas

If you happen to be in Prague in the start of December, then you will come across people celebrating St Nicholas Eve with a very famous legend attached to it. On the evening of 5th December every year St. Nicholas descends on the streets of Prague with the devil and the angel. He walks around the city with a thick book in his hands in which he's has written every mischief and good deeds of the kids. You would see three people dressed as St Nicholas, The Devil and The Angel. It’s a sight to see kids either getting treats or some getting scared to their wits and promise to behave better the next year.

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Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are the best part of celebrating Christmas in Prague. The most famous and exquisite markets are in the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square. Each year a christmas tree is brought and lit up in these squares. There are stalls selling handicrafts, clothes, jewellery and what not. The best part is sipping wine and hopping for food around different stalls, about which we talk below.


Chilly Christmas nights is the perfect weather to soak into some hot mulled wine. Czech food is in abundance during Christmas with restaurants decked up for the festival.Christmas in Prague is incomplete without tasting these scrumptious food.  From all the traditional Czech food, the hams sold in stalls is worth a try. The most delicious dessert during christmas is Trdelnik which is a traditional slovak sweet pastry topped with sugar and walnut mix. While you take a stroll in the markets you can sip on the Hot Honey Wine (Medovina), Hot Cider (Mošt). There is also a mixture of hot water, rum and lemon called as Grog which is available in cafes and restaurants and gives a warm feeling in the cold night.

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Sightseeing and Activities

Walking tours in Prague is how you can experience the place up close. During Christmas there are many walking tours organised which take you through the famous attractions of Prague. The must see attractions are the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Pet?ín lookout tower, Polar Bears at the Prague Zoo, Vltava River Cruising, Ice Skating in the city center.

Music & Nightlife

The nightlife in Prague is absolutely lit. It has got everything from pubs to bars to orchestras, concerts , ballet, jazz and what not.During Christmas these pubs and bars are lively and are the best place to get to experience the hip atmosphere of Prague. If you love traditional music then the concerts in churches and theaters are the perfect place to be. One way to experience Mozart is to have dinner at Boccaccio Ballroom with live Mozart Performances.

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