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This New Year, Take Your Kids To The Gold Coast: Here’s Why!

This New Year, Leave your phone aside for a moment and download a bucketful of happiness from the App store called Life. New year’s the time to make new resolutions (let’s not even talk about last year’s resolutions; I don’t remember mine). Anyhow, resolutions remind me of one that is perpetually on our list: Spending more quality and fun time with family. Parents struggle to strike the perfect balance in terms of experiences and holidays that would amuse them as well as their little kids. On that account, there is one destination that entertains people of all ages at all times. It is Australia’s most famous holiday destination, the Gold Coast, situated in the subtropical state of Queensland.

The city of Gold Coast is an ever popular destination amongst tourists. Known for its white sandy beaches, elaborate theme parks, countless sources of entertainment, incredible surfing culture and lush hinterland, you and your kids are guaranteed to have the best time of your lives.

Why wait for the new year to spend time with your family, when you can bring in the new year with them?

Here are all the things you could do with your kids on the Gold Coast this New Year and make it a memorable lifetime experience:

Enjoy the Sun, Surf & Sand on the famous beaches of the Gold Coast

There must be a reason why Gold Coast is known for its extensive white beaches. With a coastline that stretches for 57 kms, no matter where you stay on the Gold Coast, you will have a beach at a minimum walking/ driving distance. You’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Beach hopping is a free and enjoyable way to bond with each other over surfing, building sand castles, having fun in the huge playground area of the beach, soaking in the sun and just absorbing the vibrant air of the beaches of Gold Coast.

The Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Palm Beach, Main Beach, Currumbin, Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach are some of the family friendly beaches you could hit up with your kids.

Give your kids a taste of thrill at Gold Coast’s Iconic Theme Parks

Gold Coast is just as renowned for its theme parks as it is for its coastline. There is a reason it is the ‘Theme Park Capital of Australia’. Get ready for plenty of thrills coming your way. You can hop on some crazy water slides or relax in the giant wave pool with your family at Wet‘n’Wild, Australia’s biggest water park.

If you’re looking for some more aqua action, head to the White Water World. You could experience Australia’s first water based roller coaster ride here. It’s called the Super Tubes Hydrocoaster.

If you want to experience multiple worlds in one theme park, then head to the Dreamworld, Australia’s largest theme park. It features over 40 rides for all ages and boasts of the tallest and fastest rides in the world and also themed lands like the Tiger Island.

Enjoy a thrilling piece of Hollywood at the Warner Bros. Movie World, where your favourite movies and stars come to life. The best part is the movie themed rides and experiences. Don’t miss the Hollywood Stunt Driver Show. Your kids could also meet their favourite cartoon characters here.

A family favourite theme park, the Sea World offers exciting rides, animal exhibits and shows. It’s a great place where you and your kids can learn about and meet several endearing marine animals. Kids will love watching the Dolphin Discovery Show and seeing penguins swim underwater.

Check out the city from the 77th floor at the SkyPoint Observation Deck

This is an ultimate high altitude adventure for you and your kids. Located on the 77th floor, the Q1 SkyPoint Observation Deck is the only beachside observation deck in the whole of Australia. Watch your kids light up with joy when they see a 360 degree view of the Observation deck, right from the Brisbane and the Gold Coast hinterland to Byron Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Another exciting fact that your kids would love to know is that the express elevator you take to reach this deck travels 77 floors in mere 43 seconds.

The Ultimate Adventure of exploring the rich Gold Coast Hinterland

Going to the beach is what you and everyone on the Gold Coast does. Turning away from the beaches for a moment, to explore the deep forests and mountain villages of hinterland will add a new edge to your holiday. Our top 2 favourite hinterland activities to do with kids are:

Taking a Tree Top Walk with your kids

O’reilly’s Tree Top Walk is one exhilarating experience. Imagine you and your kids strolling on a wooden walkway located 50 feet above the ground. And that’s not all there is. You’re walking over a canopy of flowering and fruiting trees, a canopy that also boasts of spotting some exotic bird life in the daytime.

Strolling on a 180 metres long tree top walkway and having a bird’s eye view of the entire canopy of the Lamington National Park will be a unique experience to share with your kids.

Trek to the Springbrook Natural Bridge and Glowworms Cave in the Springbrook National Park

Why not make your trip extra special by visiting one of Gold Coast’s natural wonders in the Springbrook National Park? The Park is a World Heritage listed National Park filled with ancient forests, enchanting waterfalls and secret spots. One of which is the Natural Bridge. The natural bridge is a beautiful rock formed naturally by a waterfall over the Basalt Cave.

The magical part about coming to this bridge will be when your kids will find out that the waterfall they had been playing around flows underground to a cave adorned with glow worms all around.

Hop on the Short River Cruises For a Different Perspective Of the City

There are exciting dinner, lunch and morning tea cruises that run on the vast water expanse of the Gold Coast. A short water cruise will be great to add to your already thrilling vacation. Sharing a meal with your family against the backdrop of Gold Coast Broadwater and the stunning city skyline is a great way to see the city from a different perspective.

To add more fun to this idea, you could also opt for Aqua Duck Safaris, a mix of cruise and adventure. Ever imagined sitting in an aquatic bus? That’s what this is. You will be taken from the road to the sea in the same bus. Imagine the thrill of riding around town in a bus and then sliding towards the river in the same vehicle. Wow. Your kids are going to love this.

They say, New Year is the best time to approach new beginnings. Why not approach your new year with a new spirit, new feels and new dreams. Gold Coast is an all rounder destination that scores the best in everything, from its beaches and theme parks to its deep forests and waterfalls. There is a magical spirit in the air of this city. Magic that pleases people of different ages and different beliefs.

Spend your New Year with your family in the most exciting way.

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