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Believe it or not, This is How these Cities invented the Greatest Food Items of all time

Remember how professor Utonium accidentally invented the Powerpuff girls after adding chemical X into his bowl of ingredients? Imagine your favourite food getting invented more or less along the same lines. Some happy accidents, some tantrums, and some pure state of laziness were the birth of these life-changing food inventions. Here are some of those interesting tales of food creation coming from different cities around the world.

Chocolate Chip Cookies were invented by a lady who ran out of baking chocolate in her pantry

The discovery of our beloved choco chip cookies goes back to the year 1930. A lady who ran an Inn in Massachusetts was once making a fresh batch of cookies when she realised she didn’t have any baking chocolate bar left in her pantry to add to the batter. To make do with the situation, she quickly chipped a few pieces of a Nestle chocolate bar and added them to the cookie dough expecting them to melt in. She was surprised to see the chips unmelted, adding an even nicer texture and taste to the cookies. They were an instant hit with the guests. Infact, Ms. Wakefield’s Cookie recipe is still on the wrapper of Nestle’s chocolate chips today.

Potato Chips were invented by a chef to take revenge on a diner

Thank a dissatisfied customer for not liking Chef George Crum’s potato fries at his New York restaurant in 1853. He kept sending it back, complaining that they were soggy and cut too thick. Frustrated with his complains, the chef decided to get back at him by slicing his fries super thin and salting it heavily. Little did he know that the customer would end up loving it and potato chips would soon become a rage.

Nachos were created because of a missing Chef

Yes, it’s not the chef who’s supposed to be thanked this time. The manager of a restaurant in Mexico, named Ignacio Anaya was left in a fix when a few hungry military wives who had crossed the border visited his restaurant looking for food. He tried to locate his chef but he couldn’t find him. So, he decided to whip up a dish himself using whatever was lying around like tortilla chips, cheese and jalapeno peppers. The dish was named after his nickname, Nacho and the rest as they say is history.

Chinese Dumplings were invented to cure frostbite

Legend has it that these dumplings were created by a man named Zhang Zhongjing, also known as the ‘Medicine Saint’ during the Han Dynasty, more than 1,800 years ago. One winter when Zhang returned to his ancestral village, he noticed that many people were suffering from frostbite, specifically around their ears. He decided to cook something that would help warm their bodies and also promote blood flow. Soon, he came up with a batch of dumplings, that he made by wrapping mutton, chilli and some healing medicinal herbs in dough skin and later boiling them. God knows if they helped cure frostbite, but they tasted so divine that the villagers kept making them.

Popsicles were frozen by mistake by a 11 year old boy

A 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson living in San Francisco ended up making the first popsicle in 1905. He left a glass filled with powdered soda, water and a stirring stick on his porch on a cold night. In the morning he found out the mixture to be completely frozen. He tried to remove the frozen bit from the glass using the stick and voila, he knew he had created a life-changing treat. He made these treats for his friends and family for 20 years, after which he decided to patent the concept of frozen ice on a stick in 1923.

The Sandwich was created for a gambler who didn’t want to stop playing cards

Even though the concept of eating bread and pastry filled with meat comes from the ancient times, the sandwich that we know of today was created for John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762. Being a compulsive gambler, he didn’t want to stop an intense gambling session to eat his meals. So, he asked his cook to serve him meat in a way that would let him play as well as fill his belly. The cook tossed some meat between two slices of toast and that’s how the sandwich we know of was first made.

The Margherita Pizza was created to evoke the colours of the Italian flag for Queen Margherita

The creation of the Margherita is greatly attributed to baker Raffaele Esposito who worked at a pizzeria. In the year 1889, he was asked to prepare 3 different pizzas for the arrival of King Umberto I and Queen Savoy. One of those three pizzas was the one resembling the colours of the Italian flag with basil leaves (green), mozzarella cheese (white) and tomatoes (red). The queen loved it so much that it was famously named Pizza Margherita after her.

Butter Chicken was cooked from leftover chicken

Butter chicken is one of India’s most cherished food recipes. It was created in a jiffy by an Indian restaurateur named Kundan Lal Gujral in Delhi in the 1950’s. After shutting down the restaurant late at night, he was visited by a VIP guest who requested for a chicken dish. The chef started scavenging for ingredients in his pantry. All he could find was half of a Tandoori chicken and so he added a generous dash of tomato, butter and garam masalas to it to serve this unfamiliar dish. Little did the chef know that he had just served food to the ruler of Mareelun who ended up loving this recipe.

Are there any other cities and their food inventions that should make its way to our list? Any other interesting tale about how a city came up with its life-changing food invention? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to add it to our list. :)

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